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Reach Out To Natural Horsemanship Vol. 4 - Spook Busting Secrets

Streaming Video
Price: $19.97
Duration: 75 min 

Spook Busting Secrets

The mystery of desensitization is solved! 

Learn the secrets of how to "spook-bust" your horse with these easy to understand tools that you can apply to just about any situation.  From everyday objects to those potentially dangerous surprises, this DVD will help you navigate them all.

These techniques are designed for anyone.  From working with a green horse to trail riding and show ring activities, right through to working with the well seasoned dressage horse, show-jumper, western pleasure or in general performance; you will find the solutions you need here.

As a bonus, a variety of horses are included for you to see.  So whether you are working with an Appaloosa, Quarter Horse, Warm Blood, Thoroughbred, Friesian, even a Mustang or more, you can match your horse's breed and personality to help customize the solution to your horse.

You will learn how to :

  • Become creative with spook-busting instruments like streamers, pan lids, sparklers, horns, fans, silly string, balls and even golf carts!
  • Replace fear, concern and stress (bolting, rearing, bucking, balking & spinning) with confidence, calmness and comfort.
  • Use steps for "flagging" your horse without flooding.
  • Delve deeper, exploring practices vital to true horsemanship
  • Understand and use visualization as the key to clear communication.
  • Take your lessons from the ground into the saddle.
  • And much, much more...

Let Anna take you through the steps of preparing both a safe environment and your horse for life-changing lessons.  You will have a clear understanding of how to shape your horse's behavior.  You will learn to listen to his personal needs and truly create that genuine trust-based partnership you've always wanted.


Franklin Levinson - Internationally acclaimed author, trainer and Creator of "Beyond Natural Horsemanship": Spook Busting Secrets is one of the best training DVD's I have ever viewed. It is well produced with loads of helpful information and clearly demonstrated technique. The methods are explained as well as shown, which is the way I think thee sorts of teaching tools should be. It is without unnecessary personality and ego insertions into the presentation. Anna's manner throughout the DVD is calm, quiet, specific and precise. The methods and lessons are easily understood through the skill and style of Anna's way of speaking and teaching.  I would strongly urge any horse enthusiast to add Anna Twinney’s DVD's to their reference library of quality, informative and extremely valuable equine related material.

Frank Bell – World famous Horse Whisperer and Creator of the "Gentle Approach to Equine Handling": Very thorough indeed. This DVD is filled with lots of good information and demonstrations as the horses made it, becoming increasingly more bold and confident. The work is an excellent compliment to every horse person's educational library.